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Guess Who 2

It’s time for Guess Who 2!

Guess Who 2

Well, I was told that my last Guess Who was rather easy; which I’ll admit to as it was Sonic, so I’ve gone for a rather obscure character. Famous in his/her own right but isn’t as famous as say Mario or Sonic. I wish you all the best of luck with this ball/beach loving character. Please comment who you think it is AND which game/series. Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

Guess Who 2

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Well hello everyone. In this post, I would like to address these following points:

  • Let you know who the mystery character was
  • Let you know who the winner was (even though it means nothing as there are no prizes)
  • Let you know what I was up to last night
  • Let you also know what I think about Rock Band

So firstly, the mystery character that I covered in Autumn Leaves was indeed Sonic The Hedgehog. Kudos to you Rob. I’ll put another mystery character up tomorow or later tonight depending on how bored I feel.

Well, that’s points 1 and 2 knocked off quickly. Now on to point 3. Last night I went round a mate’s house to have a few beers and a BBQ with a few more mates. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t amazing and I ended up drinking Coke and Lemonade (not together, that’s a bit odd. I haven’t tried it but I don’t see it working well) as I had already had too much to drink this week. This brings me onto my next point (well, it’s between 3 and 4). Do not drink from 11am til 2pm and then go to college. It sounds like an awesome plan, and it did at the time on friday too. I had an exam in the morning and then I had a good few hours off. Seeing as it was my last day at college, we all decided to visit the pub for some lunch and some drinks. 3 and a half pints later I had politics and media studies in which I was very sleepy. I managed to get through politics but when it got to media studies, he sent us on our way after 10mins so it was back to pub again. A pint later and I really was too tired so I went home, only to find Rock Band had indeed arrived that day like I was hoping.

Point 4. Setting up Rock Band semi-drunk was not a good idea. I think it took me twice the time it should’ve and when Rob got in he started shouting at me as I was apparently taking too long about setting it up. To be honest though, I think he was just jealous that he had had 4 hours of exams that day and didn’t get to even sniff the pub. I hardly got to play on Rock Band on friday as I then had to go out (still very sleepy) to a party at which I sat in the corner with some lemonade hoping to go home as soon I could to get some sleep.

After friday night, Rob and I got a good session of Rock Band in on saturday. Now, I’m in two minds about Rock Band. There are certain aspects of it that I love, but then there are a few annoying little things that really shit on it’s gold. To start off, I like the song selection so far. I haven’t got all of the songs yet, but there are some awesome songs in there. Another thing I like is that the GUI is so much cleaner and more grown up than Guitar Hero. It seems like Harmonix knew what sort of market would actually buy this game and made it look and feel like a mature game. The graphics of the people on stage are amazing and everyone in the audience look different (yes I’m looking at you GH3!).

Now on to the not so good. After just playing it for an hour or so with Rob and another mate who popped in from College, I started to realise something about the guitar experience. My friend was failing on vocals and I had Energy ready to save him. I hurled my guitar to point to the Heavens, only to see that it hadn’t actually activated the Energy I had to save him. I sat there for about 10 seconds waving my guitar around like a dick trying to get this Energy to activate. Whislt doing this, my playing dropped drastically and my friend had already failed. This is one of a few gripes I have about the new guitar. Sure it looks better and feels like a real guitar (minus the weight of course), it just seems tempermental at times, and it’s not exclusive to the Energy function.

The buttons seems a bit clicky as you really have to hold them in to have them register as being pressed and this is the same story for the strummer bar. You really have to force it against the other side to get it to respond, but atleast your Hulk like force doesn’t generate the GH annoying click. I’m also finding the solo buttons a tad annoying. Firstly they suck. It could well be that since i’ve been playing GH on expert for so long that i’m used to soloing with strumming and I just need to practice some more on these buttons. However, I don’t really want to. It seems that if you do actually hold the guitar properly around the solo buttons, everytime you push them they clip your skin between the buttons and the neck. I’ve learnt not to hold it properly to avoid this, but not until I was already developing serious pains in my hand.


Minus these few annoying set backs, the rest of the game is pretty sweet. The problems of the solo buttons only occur when it gets to the solo and you think you’re Dio enough to play them on the solo buttons and the strumming and buttons retardedness really only effects you for the first 5mins of play each time as you get used to it. The drums and vocals are amazing(ly difficult) and fun. I have a long way to go until i’m pro at drums or vocals, but until then, i’ll continue shredding the guitar like I always have done. i.e. fuck the solo buttons.

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Got bored

So yer, today’s been a rather slow day and spent alot of my time on World Of Warcraft on my Shaman. Finally managed to get him past level 45 which he has been stuck on for a while as I really haven’t been assed to play him. He’s now level 47 with some new boots with a bit of spirit on to hopefully curb my mana problems on him. But anyway, what this post is really about….

Guess Who!

That’s right, I’ve decided to start doing a Guess Who type game thing where you have to guess which video game character I’ve cleverly covered up with various objects. Since this is the first week, I’ve done a relatively easy character who should be pretty easy to get. This week, I’ve decided to hide him/her in Autumn Leaves! How pretty! Well, leave a comment with who you think it is and I’ll reveal who it is sometime in the future. I could do it daily, but I doubt anyone would look on here often enough to see new ones. Maybe twice a week, who knows!

Mmmm, Autumn Leaves!

I wish you good luck I guess….

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Well, it’s finally nearing the end of the week, which means it’s the end of college. Sure I have exams to revise for, but atleast I won’t have to wake up at 6:50 every morning anymore (except for work of course, grrrr)! Yesterday I had another massive lie in and didnt have to be in college ’til 2:15, but ended up leaving my house earlier to go to the shops to buy some cloth for my Muk costume. Today I went in normal time but managed to finish at 11 so here I am at home. I have an exam tomorow (another resit though) and probably should revise but I feel that I pretty much have the exam covered. Politics of the UK parties and pressure groups is pretty easy.

So yer, the Muk costume (did you really think I’d pass it by without comment!?) is for a Pokémon party my friend is having. It’s a bit of an odd idea, but it came about after we were chatting shit about how cool a Pokémon party would be. I’ve decided to settle on Muk as I feel it will be pretty damn easy to do. I have a big piece of purple cloth which I will throw over myself with a hole for my head and I’ll pretty much be done. Sure I can be criticised for not really putting much effort into the costume, but after spending £14 on cloth, fuck putting in any real effort. I could make some arm gloves from the purple cloth, but I’m not sure if I have enough for that, let alone the effort involved in doing that.

Some of my other friends are really going for it for this party. I have one friend that’s going to black up, put on a dress and high heels and by Jinx. Compared to my costume, this guy is going to look the part. Rob is going as Farfetch (sorry for ruining your crappy cryptic clue) and all he has to do is hold a leek with a V painted on his head. But yer, I will post pictures up after the party so you can see how poor it actually looked.

Kingdom Hearts II. Well, Pirates of the Caribean was shit. Atlantica was shit but I didn’t have “Magnet” so I couldn’t go through the whole world anyway. But if there’s more singing and clicking X at the right time to get notes, I’m probably not going to finish the game. I’m now halfway through Halloween Town (although they should have just called it “What happens in Nightmare Before Christmas but with Donald Duck and Goofy”. I suppose it’s ok and atleast Jack Skellington’s voice is tolerable. But yer, instead of revising, I think I’ll pop on that once I’m done with this post.

That, or play the DBZ Demo!!! ZOMG!!!

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Grrr. Got booted from the game of Halo 3 for apparent betrayal. Meh, I’ll be back in with the rest of the guys in a moment. In the mean time, I’ll write a post, but I am on Rob’s PC and his space bar is fucking shit and this post is taking twice as long to type than normal… grr.

Anyway, I had my first exam today. It was a resit so it wasn’t too important, but I feel like I could have done better but meh. Atleast I got my JAVA result back (sort of) and I know that I’ve passed, it’s just now a case of whether it was a pass/merit/distinction. I think I’ve passed with a distinction, but I’ll have to wait til I get given my mark properly, which will probably be on wednesday, but maybe earlier if I nag my other Computing teacher.

I think I have a Politics exam next week but I’m not too sure. I think I’ll go shopping tomorow with Rob for some new shoes as the sole has finally given way so I can feel the ancient cobbles of London beneath my feet… by cobbles I mean concrete and chewing gum with the occasional dolop of dog shite. I do my best to avoid dog shit, but sometimes my best isn’t enough. Anyways, they’ll be out of that game soon so I’ll have to join them all again. I will have to link to the rest of their blogs down the side sometime this weekend between shopping, revision, work and Kingdom Hearts II.

By the way, it wasn’t Lion King…….

…..it was Atlantica and it was shit.

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Exam Time

Well, it’s finally that time in the Academic Year for exams. I’ve already sat one so far (my JAVA exam, I passed the theory but my practical result should come in tomorow) but I have a heap of them left to go. My next exam is tomorow and is the resit that I’ve mentioned before. Now, I’ve hardly done any revision (just gone over 2 past papers in the last hour and a half) but I think I might do well. Alot of the stuff that is on this paper is just less-in-depth stuff that we’ve had to do for later exams. I’m feeling strangely confident, but I’m still going to be nervous I guess.

This morning however, I really didn’t want to go into college. I guess I’m just feeling depressed about that place now after 2 years and that I’ve got to work hard for the grades I need for my first choice. But the thing is, the exams that are making me feel depressed are the ones for subjects I don’t like. If I only had Computing to study for, I’d probably ace the Computing exams. But since I have to fill my head with other crap, I just can’t be assed to study. It’s all a vicious cycle to be honest. I want to focus on one subject which is what will happen at Uni, but to do that, I have to focus on all of my subjects. See the cycle there?

Anyway, that’s enough about me being semi-depressed, Kingdom Hearts II is really picking up now. I found a nice little corridor in Minnie’s castle that; when left and re-entered, would spawn a huge amount of Heartless. I took this exploit oppurtunity to level up my Valor Form and also my general levels. Unfortunately, I hit Level 3 Valor which meant I couldn’t level it up anymore until I got the Wisdom Form, which I got shortly after finishing this world. I then aced the Pain & Panic Cup thanks to the Comet Limit. I then turned it off as not only I had other stuff to do, the next worlds by the looks of it are Pirates of the Caribean (meh) and Lion King (not so meh). If I can yank Cpt. Jack Sparrow’s head off and ram it up his ass then I’ll be happy to play through it, but it being a Disney game, I somehow doubt it. Ah well, there might be an awesome key-blade in it for me… although I doubt it.


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Right, this is a pretty close post to my other one, but myself and Rob have decided to have a Chief-Off. Basically, we’re going to Photoshop the same picture of Master Chief and see who can create the funniest/most creative picture. The gauntlet was thrown down when I saw him editing a pic of the Chief for his most recent post. I then got the same pic up and editted it better than him. He then threw down the gauntlet for a Chief-Off, a challenge I can not refuse.

Both of us have our own pros and cons. He is more artistic than me, but I know my way around editting software better than he does.

Just so you all know what you can expect, it might be something like this:

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What a lovely day. College was even bearable. I think it has something to do with the sunshine but also the fact that I only have a 2 hour day at college tomorow. And that can only mean one thing…


Hells yer, finally time to catch up on some sleep I lost this weeked due to partyingz and late night Halo 3 sessions. It was good fun, but losing sleep isn’t. I would spend most of my day tomorow playing Kingdom Hearts II (which is getting pretty awesome now. Can’t get enough of hearing the Beast scream “I WANT BELL(E)”) but I think that once I do get up, I’m going to have to do some college work. This will involve hand writing some media studies notes I made on my PC. Although it is easy, it’s going to be pretty lame. But ey, it’s gotta be done some time.

What I’m also not looking forward to is my exam on friday. Sure it’s a resit, but why pay £16 or whatever to sit an exam to fail? But then again, why revise for an exam you’ve already passed but just want a better grade by like 7 marks or so, especially when there’s Heartless to kill. Anyways, that’s enough ramblings for today, I will definately be posting tomorow, I have bare time off!

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Kingdom Hearts II

As promised, here is my rant about the first 3 hours or so of Kingdom Hearts II. Now, when I bought this game, I wanted to play as Sora, not some cock lolly-sucking double called Roxas. The intro movie (which I had to watch after I had played the first 2 hours on a different game disk as mine had a scratch which could have been mistaken as the equator (don’t worry, I’m sending it back to get my moneys)) was reasonabely well done and did help with rattling out the information of what actually happened at the end of KH1. I finished the first game with everything dusted off nicely (I mean EVERYTHING. Even Sephiroth) but even I found it hard to remember what had happened, so this refreshment was happily welcomed. But then playing as Roxas not only annoyed me, but confused me.

It was a weird experience; one that I can’t say I feel often, in that I found it hard to place what demographic this game was actually being aimed at. The characters and the overall feel; along with a very patronising tutorial approach, gave the impression that it was aimed at the 12 year old range; something I’m sure was intended. But then the storyline started and shit just got weirder. I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on and I understood the Matrix on the first viewing (that is the one about the magic dog right?). The story seemed as if it was written by all the assholes on the Lost, 24 and Heroes scripts that have the sole intention of confusing you.

I still can’t understand the point of a 3 hour tutorial. God of War is the perfect example of being thrown straight into the content; not the friendliest experience but atleast it isn’t boring and heads are rolling, and KH2 is the perfect example of how not to start a game. I can’t actually think of another game that starts with you having to do repeatable mini games that aren’t actually any fun just so you can progress with the game.

The game however picks up right about the time you dual-wield keyblades and then start to play as Sora. I can safely say that the only time of those first 3 hours I enjoyed, were the last 10 minutes (and that’s pushing it) when Roxas picked up Ultima and Oblivion and boned Axel over hard. But now I have Donald and Goofy and hopefully no more condescending tutorials, the game will pick up a bit. If the first world as Sora is anything to go by, this game can only get better.

3 hours though, seriously.

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Welcome to Desperately Bored and my first blog entry, yay! As you can tell by my awesome banner (yes, they are shooting lasers at each other’s crotches) that I am rather bored in general and I hope that this will be an aid in relieving my boredom.  I’ll update my About Me bit sometime in the future so that any readers can get an insight into what I am into and what I might be writing about.

Mostly though, I will be writing about stuff that interests me. I’m not going to pin myself down to be a review blog or even a slit-my-wrists-and-cry-about-my-life-on-the-intertnet-to-people-I-don’t-know blog as I am sure there’ll be enough of everything to keep everyone satisfied.

I will add a proper and full entry later on today about me, but also my hate for the first three hours of Kingdom Hearts II. Why does it suck so hard? Well, I can tell you in all due course.

(But if you really need to know why the first 3 hours suck (which is a bit of a weird fetish) then I’m sure there’s probably a better written and funnier passage somewhere else about it. Try amazon).

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