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Although my last post showed one way of getting XBox Live working through a laptop, there is another solution. And this one works for those of us who are limited to one sign up per username at university. So here goes:

1. Make sure you have an internet connection already established.

2. Connect your XBox 360 to your laptop.

3. Turn on your XBox 360.

4. Go to Start\Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

5. Click Manage Network Connections down the left hand side.

6. Make sure your laptop can see the XBox connection. On mine I had LAN Connection 1 as my internet connection, and LAN Connection 2 as my XBox connection.

7. Right click your connection that is connected to the internet (i.e. LAN Connection 1).

8. Go to Sharing and enable ICS. You will have to choose which connection you want it to be shared to, so choose the connection your XBox is on. Click OK.

9. Go to your XBox connection and right click and go to Properties.

10. Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).

11. Change the IP Address to if it isnt already. Click OK.

12. On your XBox 360, go to Network Settings in the far right blade and click Edit Settings.

13. Look to see if the IP is 192.168.0.something. The last number isn’t too important.

14. Run a few Connection Tests on your 360 and you should be ready to go! ๐Ÿ˜€

I want to thank Andersonshatch for helping me out with the second way of connecting. Go read his blog as he deserves a reward from myself and my blog viewers in the form of blog views ๐Ÿ˜€


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*EDIT* If you got here from googling, I recommend you also look at this other post I did as this explains another way of getting XBL working through a laptop.

Finally, after a week of trying, I have managed to acquire XBox LIVE at uni. It is somewhat dodgy and I havent fully tested it, but it’s actually signed me into XBox LIVE. There are a few issues (such as: will it hold because of my uni bastarding over any connection on their network, the bridged connection probably gives it a new IP meaing a new machine and them not allowing you to register more than one ip). But once I test it out, I will let ya’ll know.

So, to get XBox LIVE working through a laptop running Vista is pretty simple. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Make sure your laptop is connected to the interent. You should also make sure it is a reliable connection.

2. If using wireless you are pretty much awesome. If you are using wired and you only have one ethernet portย  on your laptop, try and get hold of a USB to Etherner converter (try Maplin and this converter I am currently using).

3. Make sure your XBox is off.

4. Connect your XBox via ethernet cable to your laptop physically. Alot of people recommend that you use a CrossOver ethernet cable, however this isn’t necessary as your Xbox 360 will automatically detect what type of cable you are using and will make the required switching on its own.

5. Go to Start\Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

6. Click Manage Network Connections down the left hand side.

7. You should notice a new connection in this window. This connection is the one to your laptop from your XBox.

8. Hold down Ctrl and click on your internet connection and then on your XBox connection. They should now both be highlighted.

9. Right click and click Bridge Connections. If you get an error about Internet Sharing, then right click your internet connection, click properties and disable the Internet Sharing in the Sharing tab.

10. Wait for any dialogue boxes and then check that there is a new Bridge Connection.

11. Turn on your XBox and play!

I tried alot of different things to get this working from browsing the net and nothing helped me. I stumbled upon this video however and this kid explains pretty much what I just have, but now you have a text copy of his video. I hope this helps many other XBox Live users.

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I’ve had a pretty dull day today, just got up and played xbox for most of the day and then went out tonight for a few drinks with my mate Pete. I’ve just gotten in, but I found this amazing video on a forum I frequently traverse. I don’t want to say too much, but if you have your net working now Rob, this is genious :D.


Comment me if you do Rob.

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Keeping it Clean

Bungie revealed a very tasty teaser trailer yesterday, and as a Bungie fan, I am looking forward to the official release of information regarding the trailer. I have my own mind made up about what the trailer shows, and that is what I will share with you.

The trailer is for an expansion to the Halo franchise (fuck off Rob :D), where you will play as an ODST member in a small group of soldiers. Kind of GRAW style (as in the idea). I have a feeling that the large flash shown in the video is of Truth’s ship from Halo 2, jumping into slipspace. I know it’s New Mombasa as there are plenty of signs shown in the video of it being New Mombasa. You play as a soldier in the events after the slipspace, from finding the rest of your platoon all the way up to possibly securing a landing zone for the Chief at the start of Halo 3 (similar to the last video thing that Bungie had made).

Bungie should be able to do a very good job of whatever it is, regardless of the project. They’re a solid studio with a good philosophy of what is fun and what isn’t. Concerning the Mythic Map Pack, there are going to be apparently 6 new maps. 2 will be Halo CE remakes, 2 will be Halo 2 remakes, and 2 will be brand new. I also found out that Longshore is a remake of Headlong. I seriously hope this is true as it really was one of the best Halo 2 maps. I guess we’ll have to wait til November.

In less important news, I joined a couple of University SOCs (Societies) today. After a bit of tedium of going to campus and then going back to my Halls because I didn’t realise I needed an NUS card, for which I needed a passport photo, I finally got to join some groups. The first group was a no brainer, the Gamers SOC, with a surprisingly high female sign up. It looks like a nice little group that range from playing Cluedo, Halo 3 and all the way to RP board games. I’m hoping that there will be a Magic The Gathering sect of people so I can get my game on against them. The other group I joined was the Poker SOC. This was a rather impulsive sign up, but I’m glad I have. The poker lot seem like a lot of fun and it may also be an oppurtunity to win some moneys. I’m looking forward to monday for the first Games Night and I’m sure my mates that signed up are too.

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Bored, but settled

I finally feel settled into the uni lifestyle and I am now just waiting for my course to begin. I’ve met a few really nice people down here (although no one to really call a friend) and it should be a good year. I’m sure that once I meet the people on my course, I should start mixing with some new people. Other than that, I’m settled… but desperately bored.

I have still yet to visit the eating facilities here (doubt I will until friday) but I realised after visiting home yesterday that I probably haven’t been eating well at all. I’ve not been eating enough (now that I don’t have a structured eating plan) and when I have been eating, the meals haven’t exactly been “meals”, more like big snacks. So this week I’m going to start eating properly and try to eat regularly. I also don’t think i’ve been drinking enough liquid to stay properly hydrated. That too has changed now that I have aquired some more ribena, yum!

So about being bored, that really comes down to not having any xbox live to pass time on. I was hoping for my USB to ethernet adapter to come today and it did. But it was somewhat of an anti-climax. I stayed at my home last night; due to ease of dropping me back off, and the postman delievered the package I was hoping for. As I looked at it however, the packaging had been tampered with/not sealed properly and meant that my item wasn’t inside, only a load of leaflets and shit. An email and a phonecall followed, so Maplin will be sending another one this week. Although it will probably arrive on saturday, that won’t help me tomorow or friday night ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

I am meant to be going on a pub crawl tomorow night, but after a heavy session on monday; shortly followed by plenty of vomiting and zero sleep, I don’t know if I am up for it. That and I’m going to mother-fucking Thorpe Park tomorow! Yea that’s right, THORPE PARK! Should be alot of fun (if it’s not raining) and will be nice to see me old mates one more time. It will also mean i’ll have something to do during the day, rather than sitting around waiting for the bath room mat I threw up on to finish up in the laundry room.

There’s quite alot more I could talk about; such as The Force Unleashed and Heroes Season 3 (!!!^_^!!!), but if I just skimmed over them now, I wouldn’t be able to properly talk about them tomorow or on friday.

That and I also won’t have anything else to talk about.

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First Night

It’s finally gotten round for me to move to university, and last night was my first night here. It’s a little scary being here all alone without all the familiar faces I’m used to seeing, but I’m adjusting, slowly. Last night was a weird one because I didn’t know anyone at all. I did however meet up with a mate who’s going to the same uni as me (just not staying in halls) and we went for a drink. We then came back to my flat, continued some drinking until we decided to venture outside to the bar. We had a pint or two from there but didn’t talk to anyone else.

This morning however, I started to meet a few of my neighbours. They seem to be nice enough and it’s nice to have a few people to talk to. I think it will take the whole week to settle in properly, but now that i’ve met a few people, it’s going to be a little easier.

I still need to get XBox Live working though…

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WoTLK Login screen

If you aren’t following the development and testing of WoTLK, you might have missed seeing the new login screen for WoTLK. I too missed it and even though I trawl through mmo-champion several times a week, I still haven’t seen it. Fortunately for me, it’s implemented in the 3.0.2 PTR. So, here it is!

Yes the dragon flies. Yes it looks awesome.

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