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BNP Humour

So I was going to write a nice post about how much I hate that the spell Cower keeps getting turned on by my pet, but instead, I’m going to write about the BNP Youth “humour”. Now, this probably hasn’t even been seen by alot of people, but I was kind of shocked to see this. This is one of the jokes presented in all seriousness within the youth section of the BNP site. I think it’s probably best to just see them first.

The following was sent in by one of our younger viewers.

You could be Taliban if:

….You refine heroin for a living, but have a “moral objection” to beer.

….You own a $700 machine gun and $5000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.

….You have more wives than teeth.

….You think vests come in two styles, bullet proof and suicide.

….You can’t think of anyone you HAVENT declared jihad against.

….You consider television dangerous, but routinely carry explosives in your underpants.

….You are amazed to discover that mobile phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.

….You’ve ever uttered the phrase “I love what you’ve done with this cave”.

….You wipe your bum with your left hand, but consider bacon unclean.

Actual page.

My friend and I also browsed through some BNP youtube videos; adverts and such, and just found so much racism disguised as nationalism. I’m all for Britishness, but being British isn’t about being white. It’s just  astonishing to see how people truely believe in kicking “them” out of “our” country. Hell, there’s even some nice nationalist music linked on the BNP Youth site (although they should probably sort out their html. If you can’t get that right, what chance do you have at “cleansing our country”). It’s not even that good either.I’m just ranting now aswell…

You could be BNP if:


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Aloha! Would just like to let you guys know that you no longer have to remember desperatelybored.wordpress.com as you can now get here with http://www.desperatelybored.com. Big thanks to a mate on my CompSci course for getting me a years worth of hosting for free.

If anything should happen to the host however, you can still get here via the original address.

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Sometimes we are graced by a spout of good luck, often at the expense of some bad luck upon someone else. This week, I have been lucky enough to have an unlucky friend who bought Guitar Hero World Tour but suffered from the Red Ring of Death earlier this week. So lucky me managed to borrow the game along with the new guitar peripheral from him until Microsoft send him back a fresh virgin 360. Until then ofcourse, I shall be keeping his guitar warm.

And kept it warm I have.

If you have read any of previous posts on the whole Guitar Hero and Rock Band series, you’ll that I get a bit obsessed and particular about which peripheral I use. I first used the Guitar Hero 2 controller (the beautiful X-plorer) and haven’t yet been tempted to splash out on a new controller. Well, that bit’s a lie really, but ignore the fact I bought a Rock Band controller. The fact remains that the GH3 controller was a battery munching monster and by my own experiences and those of close friends, are prone to breaking. The RB controller was different however. The solo buttons down the bottom and overall great aesthetics of the controller did turn my head. I bought the whole RB Kit but after a bit of playing, I felt disapointed with the controller. I’ve already written in depth in a previous post about my gripes with it so I’ll just point you in that direction rather than just quote myself.

Some of the biggest differences between the GH:WT controller and the Rock Band controller are very minor details. One massive difference is the click on the strum. I find this essentially useful as it makes counting through fast note patterns that little bit easier. But the main reason why I’ll soon be replacing my GH2 controller with the new World Tour one is that the sensor pad (similar to the RB solo buttons) is fucking excellent. The Rock Band solo buttons really are the only comparable alternative and are spanked into submission by the World Tours pad. I’m not a huge fan of the solo buttons anyway and was almost completely put off of the idea because of the Rock Band controller. But using these buttons in sections on World Tour is simply graceful. They don’t require you to touch overly aggressively and let you slide about reasonably well. Although the amount of times you’ll be using the pad is another question.

My advice is simple. If you are planning on buying into the whole GH/RB culture, then just go for the WT kit. The drums have more pads than the RB kit and are backwards compatable to RB and RB2. The guitar also works fine on RB and certainly looks alot nicer than the RB equivelent. What I also recommend however is that you get Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The set list on Guitar Hero: World Tour is somewhat underwhelming and doesn’t contain any real replayable great songs. The UI is also sloppy in comparison to Rock Band and the Star Power management in GH:WT is well off par. The replayability of WT doesn’t look promising (although I still need to mess about with song creation), especially if you put it up against the mammoth song list Harmonix now has.

Harmonix has won the software war, but Activision know how to do peripherals (finally anyway).


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Well, this is certainly an interesting turn of events. Nearly a year ago, we made a video called WoW Addicts – A Hard Hitting Documentary. The interest in the video seemed reasonable and it is now on just over 50,000 views, not bad for 1 day of filming and editing. The video was a piss take of other real documentaries on WoW/game addiction and we made it to show and highlight some of the ludicrous claims made by some documentaries of this genre and also highlight how bad most of the journalism is. If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

But the reason for this post is that a production company (South Lake Studios) has expressed some interest in our video. My twin recieved an email asking if they could have a high quality version and whether they could use some of the footage in their own film. A bit bemused, he told them that the testimonials they were after weren’t in fact legit and were just charicatures. They replied back saying that they were still interested and that their video was to highlight some online dangers; such as addiction, to teachers and parents in the Jewish community to try and stop their children from missing prayers and homework. I found it a little odd but they have said we’d be getting credit (LORproductions that is) for our contribution and we’d be sent a copy of their video once they are done. My twin also asked for his name to be put down for credit aswell, mainly because he is doing a film and media degree so it could help him somehow in the future. But yer, a  very weird proposition for a video we felt had its day.

But hey, it could be a very small production company (like ours) that doesn’t do alot and this is great over-hype. Time will tell.

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Bare Games


If you’ve been following the recent plethora of games being released, you probably would have lost count along the way. I’ve been very busy of late trying to get through just a few of them and most recently Gears of War 2 (hence the picture). I still have Fable II to finish and Dead Space and Fallout 3 to start. Wrath of the Lich King and COD: World at War are up for release this week (I believe), so I’m definately going to be busy. But let’s talk about Gears of War 2 for the moment.

Gears of War 2 starts off alot faster than the original. Alot more story and overall plot is put forward very early on and it feels as if they shoved this in early as they knew that they should have really included this sort of back story in the original. Just playing the beginning of this one actually shows how shallow the first one; plot wise anyway, really was. The first level is sandwiched between two rather long cutscenes but works as a very nice way of setting the scene and getting you familiar with the controls again. If you choose to do the tutorial you will also see how powerful the frag nades are now.

The second level that has you ride into an old town on a massive vehicle is somewhat disapointing. However, the game picks up pace once it’s over and you’re back on foot. Alot of new weapons and enemies have been introduced in this game and it helps to keep things feeling different. Every fight could potentially be made up of different enemy combinations making most fights feel fresh. There’s also a constant but steady introduction of new enemies along the way and it’s not until towards the end of Chapter 4 that you really feel you’ve met them all. A very fun game indeed, and that’s just the single player. I have yet to fully play about with the Horde mode or even touch multiplayer.

In other gaming news, a re-release of Banjo Kazooie is scheduled for release on the Xbox Live Marketplace on the 27th of November! The graphics have been upgraded and a set of achievements have also been put in. It will cost 1200 points (about £10) or will be free with an earlier release if you buy Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. It’s also speculated that Banjo Tooie will be rereleased in 2009. From someone that absolutely loved Banjo Kazooie from 10 years ago (yes, it really was released in 1998, only seems like yesterday), this is going to be an awesome oppurtunity to replay it. I was tempted not too long ago to get my N64 down from the loft and get hold of a copy of BK, but rumours of a rerelease stopped me. If you didn’t play BK the first time round, I definately recommend getting it. The characters, overall story and humour are just charming.

So yes, I’m going to be very happy on the 27th :D.

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Lord of the Strings


Finally I have finished Rock Band on Expert. When I first got the game I blasted my way through the entire song list until Green Grass and High Tides, the last song in the game. Between then and now I had put my axe down and had stopped playing as much as I used to. However, over the last month I have reclaimed my former glory and started playing more than ever. This was mainly because a friend of mine is really into it and was moaning that he didn’t have anyone decent to play with. We finished my Rock Band World Tour about 2 weeks ago. Since friday, we have been trying to see who could finish GGHT first as it was the last song I had left (from the original setlist anyway, Ride The Lightning is a bitch).

I finished it earlier today (with 4 stars) and my mate is not happy :). I had a look at some of the guides out there for beating the last very annoying part of the seccond solo and I did it slightly different. Many guides say that you should use your overdrive on the first set of reverse triplets, whammy up on the overdrive between that set and the next lot and then just star power through the 2nd lot aswell. Then it’s just a case of building star power for the last set of triplets. The difference in mine is that my whammy bar is knackered. It slips away and droops towards the ground, meaning that you have to grab it and pull it up to a sensible possition first. This is highly annoying and completely throws you off. So what I did was to overdrive early in the first set, pick up the overdrive off of the first set that is towards the end, pick up the overdrive in between and then overdrive it through the 2nd lot. It worked a treat and got me through to finishing the song. Woop, go me!

Now onto more important news (well, debatable).

I’ve just hit 700 page views today and that got me thinking, can I hit 1,000 before christmas? It’s highly probable at the moment as I’m getting some regular readers now (thank you! :D). Now all I need to do is post more regularly and about important stuff, not me finishing Rock Band.

And Rob…. Rubik’s Cube! Hah, beat you to it.

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New Banner!

Hello readers (as if there are any). Just wanted to make an announcement about the new banner I just knocked together. I felt that the last one was kind of lacking (mostly because I threw it together in about 5 minutes) so I decided to spend some time making a new one. I’m not sure if it works well with the colours on this blog or not. Anyways, I think it looks good, but let me know what you think in comments in this post.

All feedback will be awesome.

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