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hofamer It’s been a while since Guitar Hero: World Tour took a place on my shelf, let alone being out. I have to be totally honest and say that I’ve now grown a little bored and fed up with the Guitar Hero franchise and I personally believe that Harmonix have got it right with Rock Band. I’ve already posted enough times on this blog about weighing up between GH/RB, so I’ll try and not turn this post into another one of those. This post is to be about getting through GH:WT in just 2 nights on Expert.

If I’m going to be honest, this is the first Guitar Hero game I’ve actually finished on Expert. GH2’s Freebird is still getting the better of me and GH3’s Raining Blood isn’t a bundle of laughs. It has been a while since I’ve tried these songs so finishing them might well be something I can do now, but that’s for another time. When I first played GH:WT when I bought it (which was for the pure sake of getting the guitar as my GH2 wasn’t working 100%) I felt extremely underwhelmed. The song list isn’t particularly breath taking and they hadn’t tidied the UI up… still. I put off playing it because of these reasons. But yesterday, I decided to give it a go.

Now, the career isn’t actually all that long in comparison to Rock Band 2’s golliath of a Tour. Unlike GH2/3, I didn’t really find any songs to be completely difficult. Yesterday night I cut my way through a fair chunk of the venues with no trouble at all. Today, I finished what I started yesterday, and my wrist and forearm are killing me. The general difficulty of GH has always been that little bit higher than RB’s and GH:WT is no exception. I didn’t find myself golding/fc’ing a whole load of songs but I was passing them rather convincingly…. until BYOB.

I didn’t realise that it was going to be all that difficult despite it being the penultimate song. This was mainly because I have this on Rock Band 2 and didn’t think too much of it difficulty wise. GH:WT however, is another story. Getting the strumming rhythm right for the various sections of this song is what makes this a tricky one. It’s also punishing on the hands because the fast strumming starts from the beginning so there’s no chance of just star powering through it; you have to actually be good enough to do it. After a bit of practice, I managed to nail it. The encore for the last set is Hot for Teacher. I quite like the song and can’t remember it being too complicated musically so I thought it would be a bit of a walk. Well, I must have forgotten about the beginning.

I like the addition of the Crystal Notes, but I’m not too keen on being forced to use the touch pad in order to pass a particularly challenging CN section. Now, it took me a fair few tries to get the start down and then it was plane sailing through the rest of the song. My whole ethos from playing through this tour was to just pass the songs and not give a damn about my scores, so saving star power just in case usually left me rather meh scores. What I also didn’t realise was that for the achievements (Hall of Famer), you need to finish all the setlists that you don’t have to pay for to play in. This meant I had to go back and complete another 12 songs or so for the holy bleep bloop to show itself.

I’m 240G up with a hurt wrist and forearm. Was it fun? No. Was it consistently difficult? No. Was it worth it? No comment.


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Well, it’s been a long time since the Fable 2 DLC came out, but after buying and finishing it last night, I feel it’s only right that I give it a bit of criticism. The DLC is 800 points and entitles you to the new area of Knothole Island. You can get there by getting on a submarine that is docked up in the Bowerstone… well, Dock. I thought that the content would be short so I gave all of the new characters the time of day and listened to what they had to say. The superb voice acting from throughout Fable 2 continues in Knothole Island. You get told that you’re needed because they’ve buggered their weather up and seem to lack anyone with any sort of adventuring streak.

Once on the island, you’ll notice that your dog will bark ALOT about dig spots. For some reason they decided to put dig spots within 10 meters of each other in a vein attempt to lengthen the DLC. I don’t mind digging stuff up that’s useful, but digging up a pie every 20 seconds doesn’t qualify. I could have ignored them, but I’m a curious type with a touch of paranoia. If I don’t dig I’ll feel I might have missed something worth digging for and have the game sneer at me, but in actual fact, it would just be another pie.

Aside from the dig spot tour as soon as you get on the island, you’ll be taken to see the Chieftain of the island. Some more brilliant dialogue ensues and he asks you to find the Ice Key to get into the Sun Shrine to activate the Sun Totem to melt the winter away. The snow by the way, does look brilliant. I was actually quite impressed with the falling snow. But then you go inside and start the first of 3 very linear and rather boring dungeons. All 3 of the dungeons (each for a different totem) all use the floating orbs quite heavily as puzzles. It seemed to me that because they didn’t use them that much in Fable 2’s full game, they decided to make the player wade through as many as possible. To their credit, the dungeon’s were more interesting than the rest of the game’s, but these are no where near even the Forest Temple from Windwaker.

I would say that I’d only recommend this for anyone that loves Fable 2, but I think anyone that’s played Fable 2 through to the end probably should get it. It is short and the dungeons aren’t at all inspiring, but it was bloody good fun. Fable 2 is a game that keeps rewarding the player, and the DLC does exactly the same. The place is littered with chests and digspots, varying from containing pies all the way to potions that will slim your character or make him/her taller. I still also have some extra stuff to do on Knothole Island if I want to get the full 100G (I’m 25G short at the moment) and if the weapons from the trading shop are anything like the armour you find throughout the dungeons, they’re going to look awesome.

But I doubt they’d beat my Daichi in power.

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Wow, more posts than days it seems now.


(The Jensen 88. Doc would be proud.)

Anyway, today the new DLC for Burnout Paradise appeared in the form of V1.7. This patch brings you the option of downloading and not using the new Legendary Cars. I say not using because although you have to download the patch (consisting primarily of the data for the new cars), you can’t use them unless you pay 640G for all 4 cars. The 4 cars however are a nice edition to the game. To start with, one’s a mother fucking Delorean with retractable wheels to turn the car into something more like a hover car. Whenever you boost, it leaves a nice trail of fire as if it’s hitting 88mph. The novelty does wear off (quickly too I might add), but the stats on this thing make it an above average stunt car.

The other 3 cars aren’t particularly interesting to me. One is an old styled cop car with sirens (and very good Aggression stats). Another is a stunt car with pretty poor stats, but has an alarmingly familiar horn. I’m sure Daisy can tell you more. And the last car is a very nice Boost car with more strength than any other Boost car I have. I won’t bore you with a description, instead I’ll give you a tmesis laden phrase….


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Gamerscore Graph

Well over a year ago, I signed my gamertag up to http://www.360voice.com. If you haven’t been on it before, it’s a brilliant website that creates a day to day blog from your xbox’s point of view. If you’re a bit of a gamerscore whore, then this is a site I recommend you joining. Today, I finally had a look at my gamerscore gain graph and was actually quite shocked to see what came back. Well, by shocked, I mean it makes sense.


I’ve added lines to the graph to help with some of the graph breakdown. Firstly, the red line is the day after my university’s freshers’ week. There’s quite a noticable jump. You can see exactly what I’ve been up to since starting uni :). This is also the same time when I bought King Kong and Stranglehold, games I’d recommend you steer clear of unless you want some gamerscore. With that said however, I can’t bare to go back to King Kong after my first session with it. I’ve only bagged 200 or so Gamerscore from it but the sheer awfulness of it outweighs the gamerscore.

Also on the graph are a blue and yellow dot, both at the start points of low gamerscore gain. The blue dot is the start of the christmas period. Not alot of xbox achievement gaming went on, mostly just Halo 3 and WoW. The yellow dot is the week that my XBox died (grrrrrr). I don’t consider myself a gamerscore whore, but I’m really starting to get back in to the achievement system. I think my gamerscore should see a healthy increase over these next few months.

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I want to spend just a couple minutes in thanking Iron Maiden’s vocalist; Bruce Dickinson. You may not know this, but Bruce is an amazing rapper. He just rapped his way towards 25 Gamerscore for me, what a nice chap! If you’re reading this Bruce, your help is most appreciated!

To clear the ambiguity, I’m talking about the Flawless Singing achievement on Rock Band 2. I’m no singer at all unfortunately, but there is an easy way to get this. It’s even easier than getting Bruce round your house to do the singing for you. All you have to do is put So What’cha Want on. Then, just put another song on your itunes up loud and hold the mic next the speaker. My song of choice was Hallowed Be Thy Name as there aren’t any long sections of quiet to foil my plan. Just pay attention and do the tamborine bits (I’m not sure if you have to hit all of these but I did anyway) and you are 25G up :).

This gamerscore thing is easy isn’t it.

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The Cuss-O-Meter

I was helpfully shown to a rather nice website today; www.0at.org, and found that they have a blogĀ  cuss-o-meter. It basically looks through the pages of your blog and counts up the swears against the number of pages and returns a percentile value of naughty words. Well, I was rather shocked to see that I was only at 3%! Only 3% of my pages contain cusses! I think it’s a good thing to have it low…

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