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Noble Garden

For those who haven’t logged on WoW today or are completely unaware, the Noble Garden event started today, with a whole host of achievments to get including the all important meta achievement to get you one step closer to the Violet Proto-Drake. After a rather successful Naxx 25 run last night with my new guild (a merger happened yesterday and has been extremely successful), we all headed over to Brill as it was well past midnight and the event had begun. Guild chat was spammed with I Found One! achievement to start with and then the more important ones started to come out.

As Seasonal events go, this meta-achievement is pretty easy. I’ve already finished it off and I know I’m not the only one on my server to have done so either. I think I spent about 3-4 hours game time just on the achievements which is considerabely low compared to the hours needed for The Elder. It’s all relatively easy, just “crack” on with it (har har, I made a funny)!

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Molten Colossus Tactics

It seems that I’m getting a fair bit of traffic from people searching for tactics on how to get past the trash straight after the Flame Leviathan in Ulduar. So because of that, I’ll give a quick post on how our guild did it. This may not be the best way to do it, but it worked for us.

Even in the 10 man version, you should have 2 tanks. Have the tanks tank them where they stand but take them to either sides of the walls so there’s an even bigger gap between the two tanks. Have a healer on each tank standing at max range. The debuff jumps from player to player if they are standing within a certain distance. This means that if it jumps from the tank to one raid member who’s standing near the rest of the dps, it will spread. Just keep the dps and healers at max range from the Molten Colossi so as to not to get the debuff and will mean the tank should only get one application of the debuff and your healers shouldn’t have any problems. I do recommend that you pop cool downs to dps these guys down as quickly as possible.

A side note: If you only manage to kill one and then wipe, the one you killed will respawn again. This means you need to get both of them down in one try. Also, to get rid of the debuff from jumping about in your raid after they’re dead, you can either wipe, or stay alive long enough through clearing more trash and get into the water either side of Ignis’ room.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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WoW 3.1 Struggles


Patch 3.1 for World of Warcraft went live on the European realms today. For a change, I actually let the background downloader do its thing over the last couple weeks which meant getting the patch was hardly a headache at all. But like every major patch day, there’s always a headache.

My guild decided to head into Ulduar 10 tonight with hardly looking up any information at all on any of the encounters. 2 or 3 of us had basic knowledge on the first boss; the Flame Leviathan, so we did our best to try and explain the tactics to those who hadn’t read a thing. The instance itself is actually rather pleasant on the eyes and is one of the best looking instances to date. Sorrounded by the beauty we started moving up the gauntlet to get to the boss. We weren’t entirely sure on the towers but we destroyed them anyway to be on the safe side. This also gave us an oppurtunity to get used to the vehicles and the slaughtering of Iron Dwarfs is never a bad thing.

Since I had a basic grasp of the fight, I was in one of the Siege Engines. These are literally the tanks for the encounter (I made a funny!). It’s a rather simple fight in using the SEs to kite and interupt the boss whilst choppers slow him down with tar and the Demolishers hurl players on top of the boss to stun him… or something. Our first try resulted in not only a wipe, but a nice 2-3 hour wait before the servers welcomed us in again. We had been waiting for Ulduar for the last 2 months or so like the rest of the server, who we were now waiting with just outside of Ulduar. We had 1 or 2 players go offline but most of us hung about waiting and hoping. I spent the time watching Hot Rod again.

We finally did get back in with replacements and had to reclear the gauntlet, although we did so a lot faster than our first try. This time we wiped at about 3% or something so we were sure we’d get him on the next go. The next attempt was absolutely flawless. The trash that shortly followed, was not. The Molten Colossi look fairly harmless, but after a wipe that took us by surprise and took less than 10seconds, we knew Blizzard had stepped the game up. It’s been months (actually, an expansion pack) since we had interesting trash in raids and it was muchly welcomed. We got the trash down a try later and also cleared our way to Ignis. After a wipe or two, people had to go and the raid was called. I didn’t take any loot away with me tonight, but I took away something else.

What I took away from the raid was giddy excitement. Although our guild and most of the server struggled to get in to the raid, there was excitement about hard content. We had one or two players in the raid who were used to Naxx wtfpugpwnage who weren’t used to wiping, let alone on trash who needed a bit of a kick up the bum. It will be a struggle to have the place on farm, but that’s the point of it. Vaelstraz (The Guild Killer) isn’t my favourite WoW boss because he’s easy and we one shotted him. He’s my favourite because it felt like we were hitting our head on a wall for 2 solid months before we downed him. We don’t remember the things we roflstomp, we remember the difficulties.

There’s a lot more about the patch I want to talk about but it’s getting late. I’m genuinely excited by the new content and I look forward to the struggles ahead. And as JFK said:

“We don’t do these things because they are easy, we do them because they are hard.”

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experttourIf you know your deep southern rock, then you might have had a guess that this post has something to do with Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Also, if you know enough about me; be it from reading my blog or knowing me in real life, you will also know that this is the last song I had left in order to have Guitar Hero II done and dusted on Expert. Well, today, I managed to do what I thought I previously could not and got it done with 84% of the notes hit. There were a few close moments but I got through them and finally got my Expert Tour achievement.

Although it’s only 30G, beating this song has a fair amount of significance to me. Guitar Hero II is the first out of the genre that I played and this song has been taunting me unfinished for too long. It also has more significance because on my band sheet, I had 35/35(I think) for easy, 48/48 for Medium, 48/48 for Hard and 47/48 for Expert. This also means that I only have GH3 left to finish on expert. I’m just happy to have finally got this one done.

I plan to do the Endless Setlist 2 on Expert very soon. Man that’s going to be a fun day…

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