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ChampSealIt looks like there are finally going to be some rewards for spending the last 2 months getting exalted with the Sunreavers at the Tournament grounds. Besides the bundles of rewards from the various faction vendors and the time friendly dailies, we’ll now be getting a little bit more, and boy am I gald I’m Horde.

Blizzard are really going to town with seperating the Horde and Alliance in 3.2. First there was the news that Tier 9 will have different models depending on your faction, along with different weapon models from boss drops. Then there’s also the different bosses available in the new 5 man. And they’re continuing the theme as the rewards are an epic ground mount and an epic flying mount, different depending on your faction. The ground mount will cost 100 Champion’s Seals and the flying mount will be 150 Champion’s Seals. Although the mounts seem expensive (as time is a resource), they do look pretty cool, especially the Horde flying mount.

Horde Epic Ground Mount

Horde Epic Flying Mount

Alliance Epic Ground Mount

Alliance Epic FLying Mount

The two best looking mounts have to be the Alliance Ground Mount and the Horde Flying Mount. The Horde Ground Mount just looks like any old Hawkstrider, and the Alliance Flying Mount is just a white hippogryph. Even still, Blizzard will be adding in new ways to obtain Champion’s Seals so even if you don’t like the look of them, you might have some spare Seals eventually.


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