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My 100th Post

Well, I’ve finally reached 100 posts. Technically this is my 103rd post, but there are 3 posts sitting as drafts somewhere. Maybe as a treat I’ll finish them off or something…

Instead, I’ve decided to set up a Tumblr account and blog. I’ve just spent the last hour or so tinkering with the HTML to make it look vaguely like this blog. The resemblance isn’t staggering to be honest but there’s still work I can do to it. This should be my first post on my Tumblr account (other than my test post) although it’s my 100th here. Rather good timing don’t you think. Anyway, my posting here shall continue and my Tumblr blog will just pick up an RSS feed of these posts. Although completely pointless (great, I have the same posts on two blogs), Tumblr recieves a lot more traffic, making the whole blogging experience more gratifying somehow.

Anyway, here’s to 100 more!


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