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Wow, 15 months of no posts, it really has been a long time. Quite a lot has happened to me since I last posted, so I’ll get that out of the way in this post before I do anymore about anything else. I’m now right at the tail end of my final year at university. With only 6 exams to go over the next 4 weeks, I’m very close to being done with university. It’s taken me 3 whole years at university to realise that Computer Science is probably not going to be my future career. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing career wise, but discovering something I will enjoy will be interesting. Despite not enjoying the course completely, I have learnt a lot in other regards over the last 3 years doing this course.

I also have started and finished my final year project for this course. We were given a choice of 40 or so possible projects and we had to submit a short list of projects we’d like to do. I was allocated creating a Sudoku Solver. The project started in September and finished in late March. I had to learn a fair amount over that time in order to create a solver that would implement the more advanced solving techniques. I also then ported my solver over to work on Android, another steep learning curve. Although I say I’ve not enjoyed my course, I still enjoy programming when I’m given a specific task. I’m pretty happy with how my project turned out and hope to get a good mark for it. Maybe I’ll go into detail about my program some time.

Another thing that’s changed over the last 15 months has been my weight. Anyone that knows me will tell you that this time last year, I was a very porky guy. In July last year I was at 255lbs. Enough was enough and I hit the gym and sorted my diet out. Nearly 10 months later, I’m now 191lbs (a loss of 64lbs) and a lot happier for it. I still have a little way to go (about 20lbs or so I reckon), but exercise is now a fairly large part of my life. This is something that I’ll be posting about for sure. I’m sick of reading articles online about weight loss being an impossible dream, or that you need some miracle product to make it happen. So hopefully my own personal experience and knowledge I have learnt over the last 10 months will  in some way help tip the balance towards sensible and sound advice.

I’ve also quit playing WoW. WoW was quite a big part of my life, but in September 2010, I stopped playing. I’ve had the odd month back on, but I am no way able to play like I used to. I can’t commit to being able to have 4 nights a week free for 3 hours. I just can’t have that level of commitment to a game anymore. I still however keep in touch with a few of the people from my brilliant guild. If  it wasn’t for the people in Inpakt, I doubt I would even have those odd months of re-actived subscription.

Anyway, it’s getting fairly late now and I need to be up and ready at a reasonable time tomorrow so that getting up for my exam on wednesday won’t be torture. Expect some more posts soon 🙂


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