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EDIT: When I logged yesterday morning, Hunters had a talent reset so that everything is now working as intended.

Well, if you are a Hunter on one of the Cyclone servers, you may find that you have a 72nd talent point to spend. After the 9 hour extended maintenance, I finally logged in to find that I had an extra talent point to use. I was 4/14/53 but it said that I had an unspent talent point to use. I also had an unspent talent point to use on my offspec which I have yet to spend. Here’s a screenshot of my armoury at the time. I know I’m not the only hunter on my server (Terenas) to have this extra talent point either. Let’s hope it stays this way :).

Weird or what?


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To start with, I’m sorry for my lack of posting. I can’t really blame it on anything specific that’s time consuming as I actually have more time on my hands than I should do, I’ve just been plain lazy. Now onto the subject of Worgen Pets.


Earlier tonight I was browsing wow.com (new home for wowinsider) and came across this article. If you have a quick read there, you’ll see that apparently there’s an interesting way for hunters to tame a Worgen (humanoids) to have as a loyal companion. Since this looked mega hella awesome and likely to be hot fixed soon, I naturally had to try this for myself.

First thing’s first, you need to have the quest Alpha Worg from Howling Fjord incomplete. Luckily for me, I hadn’t started the quest chain (Horde start; Alliance start) so had to do that first. Just complete the quest chain as normal until you get to the last part; Alpha Worg. To tame this pet is an interesting use of game mechanics. Here’s what to do:

1. Find Garwal.

2. Take him down to 7-8k health.

3. Wyvern Sting him.

4. Wait ’til Wyvern Sting only has 14 seconds left and then start using Tame Beast.

5. Wait and hope.

The basic premise for it is to have him go below ~50% just as the Tame Beast finishes. The Wyvern Sting is useful because it keeps him still for the first 14 seconds of the cast, but also because of the damage from the dot afterwards. You have to make the first tick of the dot go just before the Tame Beast finishes so he turns to Worgen form but because it still has him triggered as a worg and not a humanoid, you can tame him. Awesome huh! It took me 5 or 6 attempts to get the timing just right but it pays off. He’s classed as a Wolf and is therefore a Ferocity pet, brilliant for end game PvE.

There are only a few draw backs from taming this guy. Firstly, entering an Arena with him will turn him back into his Worg form. Another downside is that you will need to level him up. Other than those two annoyances; although minor, you can enjoy the awesomeness and uniqueness that is Worgen 🙂

EDIT – Blizzard has responded to this and have said the following –

We have plans in the upcoming major content patch to remove the ability for players to tame Garwal in his worgan form. We will not however, revert Garwal to his innate form for those who have already gone through the trouble to tame the creature/ humanoid. In addition, we will be fixing the bug that currently demorphs Garwal when he enters arena.

Good news indeed! I seriously recommend any hunter getting this pet whilst it lasts.

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