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EmbConqIt’s no secret at all that Heroics will be attracting a lot more activity next patch due to the bosses dropping the current top tier of emblems. This is going to be a big help to many guilds and players across the entire board. Hardcore raiders are going  to be able to pick up that one piece that just won’t drop and casuals are going to have an oppurtunity to play catch up to some degree. There’s a fair amount of moaning from the hardcores in particularly, but I don’t see how their moaning can actually be justified. Allowing players to catch up is a great way to get those dedicated players who might have been late to Wrath get the gear and join in with the big guys, rather than just being dismissed outrightly because of their gear and overlooking their skill.

On the flipside, you can’t get a complete set of the latest gear from emblems alone. Emblems of Conquest only give you access to the Tier 8.5 Chest and Helmet. You can also only get a Belt, Necklace and Gloves at iLevel 226 with the Emblems, that still leaves 10 slots or so of gear to fill. Raiders will still have such a headstart on the new content over players who have just picked up this gear from trading in Emblems. Ofcourse you can always trade down to Valor or Heroism Emblems to pick up those filler pieces, but even still, they’ll be a few levels of content behind. Not only will the rest of the raiders’ gear be up to scratch, the new players will also have to spend some time to get the Emblems. And if my math and method is correct, there are only 47 Emblems available just from Heroics.

Getting all 47 every day until you have everything you want is going to be a bit of a time drain and probably a headache with some Heroics (I’m looking at you Oculus (although the changes to the drakes will help things)). I’ll be posting something tomorow to hopefully outline the quickest way to get around all of the Heroics in the quickest time possible.


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