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Hello everyone! I’ve just started a new collaborative blog which you can find at http://fairlyimpressive.wordpress.com/

I’ll more than likely be posting anything new I have to say over there. So you know where to find me 🙂



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SDC10093In my last post I talked about the possibilities of the Worgen and Goblins being new playable races in the next expansion. It seemed more likely because they showed up as having new Halloween masks sneaking in with 3.2. It turns out however, that a few more Halloween Masks have been added to the files since the original discovery. So, what does this mean?

1. New Halloween Masks.

It could be that Blizzard are just adding in new Halloween Masks and it turned out that the Goblin and Worgen ones were done before the others, so they got snuck in early.We’ve just been over analysing every thing and they really are just new masks.

2. Blizzard are bluffing.

Perhaps Blizzard saw the blogosphere erupt when the masks were discovered and are trying to cover their tracks by planting in more masks. It’s entirely possible that this is the case considering this is the first time a female Orge has been given an in game texture… and it’s been copy and pasted from the WoW Art book. It also has some inequalities as a texture. I’m not entirely sure that that texture could be used as is. Blizzard are trying to bluff us and cover their tracks so as to save the big announcement for the upcoming Blizzcon.

3. Double bluff.

Maybe they’re trying to make us think that they’re bluffing us, when in actual fact, there either aren’t any new races or we’re going to be playing Murlocs in a years time. Just a thought.

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