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I should probably do a post about E3 from the last couple of days but I think that can wait. What I want to talk about now is about one of the contestants in Big Brother this year. Now, I don’t follow Big Brother at all but I usually see the beginning, a bit from the middle and the end. Tonight, I saw the last 6 or so “contestents” going in and noticed Sree, a Student Union President. Once I saw him, I knew I had already heard about him.

My brother goes to the University of Hertfordshire and early this year there was the election for the various possitions in the Student’s Union. Sree was one contender and there was a fair amount of controversy over his winning of the election. It was a landslide win apparently but a lot of people felt that it must have been rigged considering he lacked the popularity to win. Asides from the questionning of his mandate to be President, a lot of people felt that he shouldn’t represent UH. Their reasons? Well, watch this video of Sree at a nightclub being a little bit “grabby”.


Many of the comments on the video pretty much sum up my thoughts on the guy. I expect the video to get a fair few hits over the next couple of days.

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